The contents of your cosmetic bag have more possibilities than you think! Learn how to use makeup to your fullest potential

In modern makeup, the boundaries of the use of funds are erased. Professional makeup artists are happy to use lip tints on the eyes, and liquid eye shadow on the lips. Why don't we incorporate a few of their tricks into our makeup too?

Eyebrow pencil as correction

The muted shades of Maybelline BrowDrama Pomade Crayon are so similar to the color of a natural face shadow that the hand reaches out to use it as a darkening corrector.Apply it directly from the stick under the cheekbones, on the temples, along the contour of the forehead and the sides of the back of the nose, blend with a sponge or brush for tone. Long-lasting, natural, but at the same time very effective contouring is ready! Don't forget to look at your face in the mirror from all angles so you don't leave any feathered areas.

Multifunctional lipstick

When it's only 5 minutes to make up, apply your favorite lipstick to your lips with your fingertips, so you don't waste time drawing a clear outline. Then put a few dots on the cheeks and on the upper eyelids and blend with your fingers. Monochrome makeup is at the peak of popularity, and the speed of its application cannot but rejoice.

Lip balm on eyes

To add a twist to your usual makeup, put a small amount of lip balm on your fingertips and pat on the moving eyelid. The trendy effect of the wet eyelid will refresh the look and give the look a gloss.To prevent your eye makeup from rolling, apply the balm without touching the crease of the upper eyelid.

Bright eye makeup with lip pencil

If you love trendy pinks, peaches, reds, and plums for eye makeup, but eyeshadow doesn't get the color you want, use a lip liner in the right shade. Spread it over the eyelid, shade the borders, and then duplicate with dry shadows. This eye makeup will be very bright and will last all day.