With proper handling of the curler, this beauty tool can be used at least every day. What you need to remember to definitely not harm the eyelashes? Telling

What do Bambi the fawn and Audrey Hepburn have in common? We are sure that first of all you remembered their wide open and curled eyelashes. To achieve this effect, even with the most modest initial data, a curler will help - a special tool for curling eyelashes. Outwardly, it looks quite intimidating, but in reality, if you know some rules, everything turns out to be quite simple and, most importantly, safe for eyelashes.

Do no harm!

  • Eyelash curlers must be made carefully and not have sharp edges or other defects that can damage the eyelashes or the delicate skin of the eyelids. To do this, before using the curler, be sure to run your finger along the edge of the plate, and also make sure that the curler mechanism ensures a smooth movement of the plates.
  • All actions should be as accurate and unhurried as possible. One awkward move and your eyelashes can stay on the curler. If you act carefully, you can curl your eyelashes every day with a curler.
  • Regularly change the curler rubber insert, especially if you notice any grooves or cracks on it.

Procedure of actions

  • Position the curler at a 45 degree angle so that the top plate rests on the movable eyelid as close to the lashes as possible.
  • Without removing the tool from the eyelid, move it almost to a horizontal position so that the eyelid and eyelashes rise up.
  • Pinch the handles of the curler and hold for a few seconds. Without lifting the plates from the upper eyelid, open the forceps and lift the handles higher to move the clip to the middle of the eyelashes. Pinch the tongs and hold for a few seconds. It is important that the curler stay pressed against the eyelid - this will prevent the eyelashes from being damaged.
  • Repeat the previous step working towards the tips of the lashes. With each new movement, the clamping force should be reduced, since the eyelashes are denser at the roots, and thin at the tips.

Hot styling

If you want to achieve a more lasting effect, heat the curler with a hair dryer: the main thing is that its temperature is comfortable for you (it should not be scalding!). However, we do not recommend using this method daily.

Perfect couple

A much more gentle option to prolong the effect of curled eyelashes is to choose a similar mascara that will reliably fix the result.

Deserved rest

  • Daily use of a curler is safe, but don't forget about extra eyelash care. Use firming oil blends or special serums. Put them on a few hours before bed so they have time to be absorbed.
  • Remember that care is needed not only for eyelashes, but also for a curler. Regularly clean it of cosmetics and monitor the condition of the rubber insert.

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