Rita Zheleznyakova,
editor and journalist, the last romantic on planet Earth

This week we enjoy James McAvoy's improvisations, romantic Paris of the late 19th century and - for the first time since the Queen's Move - such dramatic chess games.

" Disappeared"

In the Russian localization, the film called My son was remade into Gone Man with a far-fetched reference to David Fincher. But the drama of Christian Karion deserves attention in itself. In the story, Edmond (James McAvoy), who gives his all to work, learns about the disappearance of his seven-year-old son.The busy father rarely spoke with the child, and now he was overtaken by a deafening sense of guilt. The ex-wife (Claire Foy) is hysterical as the police look for the missing boy to no avail. There will come a time when Edmond will have to take matters into his own hands. And he uses not at all deductive abilities, but paternal instinct. During filming, a curious experiment was conducted on McAvoy. The actor did not see the script and played intuitively, improvising and getting used to the image of a parent who is looking for a child.

" Gerda"

The second feature film by Natalia Kudryashova, who, between Pioneer Heroes and Gerda, won the Best Actress award in Venice (The Man Who Surprised Everyone) and co-wrote the script for Doctor Lisa. And not only. Kudryashova's talent is many-sided: she is an actress, director, screenwriter, producer. Her "Gerda" is a metaphorical, piercing and very sad movie that tells the bleak story of the girl Lera (Anastasia Krasovskaya).During the day, she studies at the Faculty of Sociology and walks around the porches with boring questionnaires. In the evenings, he turns into an uninhibited Gerda, who works in a nightclub to help her sick mother (Yulia Marchenko). What awaits her in the future is unknown. And it seems that only in Lera-Gerda's dreams is she truly comfortable.

" Eiffel"

The story of Gustave Eiffel's (Romain Duris) work on his most famous architectural structure has, according to the film, romantic origins. To impress the beautiful Adrienne (Emma McKay from Sexual Enlightenment), Eiffel announces a tall tower project. Collects money and bypasses the traps set by rivals. He achieves his goal not only with the project, but also with the girl. The Eiffel Tower, as you know, will decorate the World Exhibition of 1889 and become the main symbol of Paris. The most picturesque scenes are connected with it: views of the city from the height of a still unfinished construction make you want to immediately go to Paris or at least reconsider Amélie.

Mysterium: The Marco Effect

Screening of the crime novel by Dane Jussi Adler-Olsen about the dark detective Karl Merke. Merck has a complex character, but an exceptional scent of a police bloodhound with thirty years of experience. He's on the hunt for William Stark, a pedophile who has disappeared without a trace. A page of his passport was mysteriously found in the possession of a homeless boy. Merck spins the tangle, from which the details typical of a Scandinavian detective fall out: corrupt officials and cops, families with their skeletons in the closet, the gray streets of Copenhagen and unsolved murders. In the role of Karl Merck, Ulrich Thomsen, familiar to us from the films of Suzanne Beer and Thomas Vinterberg.

" Royal game"

Another project (after the Queen's Move series) that shows all the intensity and drama of chess games. The film adaptation of Stefan Zweig's "Chess Novel" adheres to the plot of the book.On a transatlantic liner, a Viennese named Josef starts a game of chess with world champion Mirko Czentovic. At the same time, the player remembers what he had to endure in the Gestapo captivity. While Josef was imprisoned, he studied a collection of chess games, playing them with himself. But if then chess helped to keep your sanity, now it drives you crazy