Julia Inamora,

About us, women, often joke: barely met a man - already trying on his last name. Jokes are jokes, but you can’t argue against nature: we tend to choose a partner with an eye on the future, we are less inclined to exchange for frivolous, fleeting relationships, although this sometimes happens. In an active search for a promising man, the main thing is not to miss the alarm bells and understand in time that you have a person with whom you do not have a happy future. By what signs can such an anti-candidate for husbands be identified? Let's name five main ones.

He likes to shift responsibility and blame to others

Such a man always has someone to blame. The boss underestimates his talents and skills, the women around are completely mercantile bitches, the authorities do not allow him to live normally, and in general life somehow happens to him, but he has "paws" , and he cannot change anything. What is fraught with a relationship with such an instance? Not even an hour, and you will find yourself guilty of something. He will not solve the problems that arise in the family either - not for that the flower grew. If you want to maintain a relationship with such a man, you will have to be a draft horse and drag everything on yourself.

He is carefree and lives for today

He is very kind and generous, spending money without worrying about what he will live on tomorrow. He easily takes loans, but does not really think about how he will pay them back. Tomorrow for such a person is something ephemeral, not deserving of his attention. “Come what may”, “Life will show”, “Morning is wiser than evening” - these are his favorite phrases.

Do you want me to tell you what happens when a responsible woman and such a carefree man enter into a relationship? At first, she hopes that her beloved will finally settle down and begin to plan the future with her, but he does not even think about changing his lifestyle. Quarrels begin, sometimes she pays off his loans for a beautiful life, and further in a circle. Are they happy? He - maybe, she - hardly.

He is married and not going to get divorced

If a man does not get divorced in the first year of your relationship with him, then there is no point in waiting further. Of course, he will feed you “breakfasts”, which, they say, a little more and he will definitely belong to you, but this is all solely in order to keep you around as long as possible. No, not because of great love for you, but so that you continue to provide him with comfortable living conditions. At home, his wife provides them, and outside the house you entertain him. No matter how much the debate continues about who such a man loves more - his wife or his mistress, the answer has long been on the surface: he loves himself most of all.

He's one of those men looking for servants

There are many representatives of the stronger sex who believe that a woman is needed only to solve their everyday problems: to wash, clean, cook. And work at the same time, of course. Usually such demands are put forward by older men, although such weirdos are found among young people. Obviously, they are not aware that women are different today: we are not ready to serve our husbands and enjoy the mere fact of their presence in our lives. We also want to relax after work, and not devote evenings to the household, since now there are a lot of equipment to help around the house. If a man sees a servant in a woman, then for a modern lady or young lady he is clearly not the best option.

He's not interested in a relationship with you

You spend time together, but you still have the feeling that the man seems to be in the waiting mode for a better option: he doesn’t introduce you to friends, doesn’t show feelings, and doesn’t really want to be with you.At first, it may seem to you that your gentleman is just very serious and romance is not characteristic of him, find excuses for his cool attitude towards you. However, you don’t have to look far for answers: if a man behaves detached and indifferent, then he is not interested in a relationship with you. He meets with you, because at this stage he no longer has anyone and he is comfortable with you, but as soon as he meets “the one”, he will immediately forget about you. Hoping for something serious with such a man is hardly worth it.