The street art festival "Cultural Code" has ended in the Stavropol Territory. One of its participants is Moscow artist Ilya Robe. His work is closely connected with travel. With his works, he tells about trips, reproducing images of nature from memory. The artist spoke about his love of travel and how to see new things on the route.

On the start, attention, trip!

Artist Traveler is what Robe calls himself on Instagram. Most of the most interesting trips, he is convinced, are completely spontaneous. And in each (for sure) you should look for a good company and notice the details, even if they are ordinary at first glance.

Ilya Robeartist

“Once my friends were going to go to the Elbrus region by car for two months. At the last moment, I thought, I have some things to do on Elbrus, and it would be nice to just take a walk, breathe some air, but in a good company it is generally priceless, - Ilya tells about one of his trips. – On this visit, I just wanted to walk, look around, fill with the whole atmosphere of the mountains and the spirit of the upcoming ascents. I saw sunsets and sunrises, floating clouds six hundred meters below us. I sometimes admired the falling snow (which was more like hail), the spiritually boiling burner at a height and the silent silence that made my ears ring.”

Once the artist waved to the Crimea by car: there were 4,000 km ahead, two kayaks on board. And here are the impressions the traveler shares on his Instagram: “Headwind up to 7 m/s, ragged waves going to a kilometer zone from the main route, dolphins, crazy sunsets and sunrises, a wet sleeping bag, delicious pasta, buckwheat, again pasta, improvement weather, again dolphins Many dolphins, overnight stays and food sunsets and sunrises, a crazy state, inferno, inferno and people.

Catch an image

Ilya actively travels around Russia: he visited the Arctic, made a bike trip on Lake Baikal, worked in the Far East, in Minsk, Chelyabinsk, St. Petersburg. But he cannot say what impressed him most of all in these travels. “I get a lot of emotions and experiences from every trip. Impressions cannot be compared with each other, this, in my opinion, is wrong. You can understand for yourself that this or that place is not yours in terms of energy, but each of them is beautiful in its own way,” says Ilya.

Creativity for him is inseparable from travel. “Could I create without traveling? Yes and no. I don't always create on the go, but new experiences inspire me a lot,” he adds.

Find the energy of etudes

You can make a sketch on the way, and when you return home, turn it into a full-fledged project. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to undertake revision immediately after the end of the expedition: it happens that the idea is “aged” for some time before it takes on a finished form.

“It is not certain that you will return from another expedition with new ideas. It just calls you somewhere with your soul and you like to draw, that's all, ”says Robe. For example, in Kamchatka, for the third year in a row, he “catches” the same image, but has not yet taken on its implementation. “It may happen that it will not be fixed at all,” the artist explains the subtleties of the process.

Travel is an incredibly fertile environment for creativity. Sometimes these two "energies" collide and even "compete" with each other. “I tried to travel to the mountains for sketches, this is a very interesting feeling. I want to go along some route and at the same time I want to draw, ”admits Ilya. He also likes to be on the road (on the trail) alone with himself, and his favorite music in the headphones only enhances the effect of what he sees.

Sharing emotions

People are used to comparing. But you should not do this when traveling, arguing that, for example, this mountain is steeper, but this one is not. Each time, zeroing out his range of emotions, a person is able to feel the sensations again. Not the fact that they will like it, but they will be new.

As part of the “Cultural Code”, Ilya Robe created a triptych: “On the street, with my works, I tell about travels and trips to the mountains, restoring pictures of nature from memory to show the world outside the festival location. This triptych depicts travelers of different ages - young, mature and old, who do not stop in their endless journey through this life. ”