The fifth anniversary of marriage is one of the important stages of married life, which is called the Wooden Wedding. Wood is a durable material, unlike paper and fabric, which are symbols of previous anniversaries. This solid natural material was valued at all times, it provided shelter, warmth, comfort, household utensils and interior items were made from it.

Spouses who have reached their first anniversary have already settled down in everyday life, got their own house and household, and in most cases, offspring

How to celebrate 5 years of marriage after marriage

How to celebrate a wooden wedding anniversary so that the celebration leaves the most pleasant memories and a boost of energy for a further cloudless family life?

Following folk wisdom, a man should plant a tree, build a house and raise a son. And if all this is still ahead, at least the first point can be done at a wooden wedding. On this day, the spouses must plant a tree. It can be either one common or landed by a husband and wife in accordance with the Druid horoscope. Another folk ritual is a joint trip to the forest and tying five red ribbons on the trees you like.

The celebration can be celebrated noisily and cheerfully with many invited relatives, friends and everyone who was present at the first official marriage ceremony. And lovers of gentle romance and warm home comfort can spend a wooden wedding anniversary in the family circle, gathering by the fireplace, with measuredly crackling firewood, or laying a large wooden table in the garden, if you are lucky enough to celebrate a wooden wedding anniversary in the summer.

Outdoors or at home

If the spouses decide to celebrate the 5th anniversary magnificently and solemnly, a number of aspects need to be considered.

First of all, the venue of the holiday. It is very symbolic and natural if you manage to celebrate the fifth wedding anniversary in nature: in the forest at a picnic, or in a rustic simple wooden house or cottage. But if home conditions allow, then an ordinary city apartment will do. Wherever the celebration takes place, the interior should be decorated in accordance with the wooden theme. It can be spruce branches and cones, wooden utensils, various wooden decor items. Things that bring happiness, mutual understanding and growth of well-being to the house are spoons, caskets, beads, wooden figurines. An invariable attribute that protects the house from evil and trouble is a horseshoe over the front doors, which should also be carved from wood.

Wooden wedding anniversary celebration - wooden horseshoe

Interior decoration can be supplemented with green and brown compositions of balloons, wall panels, wedding statuses, collages of photos of spouses in wooden frames, and be sure to prepare themed accessories for use in a family photo shoot. Delicate bouquets of wildflowers placed on the tables will beautifully complement the decor.

Wooden Wedding Anniversary Celebration - Bouquet of Flowers

Ideas for a wooden wedding celebration script with contests

You also need to pay attention to the menu, especially the anniversary cake. It is customary to serve simple folk cuisine, red wines, cognac in barrels, barbecues are welcome. And the cake must certainly be original and made in accordance with the theme of the tree - for example, in the form of a large stump or a log cabin.

Wooden wedding anniversary celebration - tree cake photo

It is customary to have fun on this holiday, to come up with various funny amusements, to dance, in a word, to fully enjoy the joys of life. If many guests are expected, it would be nice to invite a host or choose someone you know who has the talents of an entertainer. To make the holiday multifaceted and not boring, you should think over and discuss ideas for a scenario for celebrating a wooden wedding with contests, dance breaks and various entertainments for adults and children between the stages of the feast.

The appearance of the spouses can be accompanied by Mendelssohn's march, and it will be spectacular if the guests beat the march with wooden spoons to the beat. The spouses exchange wooden rings, after which the moment of congratulations and presentation of gifts comes. Traditionally, the husband should be the first to present the gift to his wife.It can be any practical utensils carved from wood. The wife covers it with varnish, which symbolizes harmony and peace in the family.

Also, at the time of delivery, the spouse can put a wreath woven from oak branches on her husband's head, as a recognition of the strong support and reliability of the head of the family

Wedding Anniversary Contests

Competitions for the celebration of the 5th wooden wedding anniversary should be selected based on different age categories of those present. Dynamic games such as leapfrog or dance competitions in the style of rock and roll are suitable for young people. For older people, for example, the Guess the Song contest is suitable. To do this, a musical soundtrack is turned on from a selection, for example, of songs where trees are mentioned, and the participants must guess the song.

Here's a fun contest in which two teams of five men of any age can participate. They are given skirts and handkerchiefs, after which “There was a birch in the field.”The team that showed the greatest originality in dance moves wins. Another contest is “build a house in 1 minute”. Two teams of five people receive boxes of matches and plasticine. The task is to distribute among the participants the creation of parts of the house, which are then assembled into one whole. The team with the most acceptable option wins.

Holiday for two

Undoubtedly, celebrating a holiday in a noisy company is fun, but if it is not possible to organize such a celebration, the spouses should consider an unforgettable option, how to celebrate 5 years of marriage together after the wedding. It can be a wonderful romantic dinner at a restaurant or a country picnic trip.

You can order an adventure for two, for example, horse riding together, go on a romantic trip on a ship, organize a trip to the sauna with a massage. Or just spend the evening at home by candlelight, enjoying the company of each other, and organizing a cool photo session.