What kind of wedding is called cast iron? This is when six years have passed since the wedding. After 6 years of marriage, the relationship of the spouses becomes stronger, the period of getting used to each other's characters has passed, as well as the first crises and difficulties. By this time, usually the family already has a child or even two. Therefore, spouses trust each other and can rely on their half in all matters.

Sixth Anniversary

After how many years of marriage does a cast-iron wedding come? A cast-iron anniversary is when 6 years of marriage have passed, and the husband and wife have already gone through many trials, got used to each other, arranged their lives and tested their feelings.

Why is the sixth wedding anniversary called cast iron? This means that although the relationship between husband and wife has become stronger, but at the same time, they can easily collapse. Just like cast iron - it is heavy and hard, but at any moment a product made of this metal can crack or break.

In some countries, for example, Germany or England, this wedding is called sugar or candy. Therefore, spouses on the 6th sugar anniversary are sure to be given a house of caramel and cookies, which symbolizes a cozy home and good relationships.

House of caramel and cookies as a gift

The cast-iron wedding anniversary is an important date, with the advent of which the husband and wife should unite even more and understand that only together they can overcome all the hardships and difficulties that they still encounter along the way. Just after 6-7 years of marriage in a family, a relationship crisis may arise.

At this time, it is important to remember that you need to listen to each other, understand and support, then the "cast iron" will change its dark gloomy color to light and become even stronger

If the spouses adequately endure this period and step over it, then they will have every chance to celebrate a steel, silver, and golden wedding in the future.

Traditions and signs for a cast-iron wedding

On the sixth wedding anniversary, there are several signs that you should pay attention to:

  • if the invited guests, without agreeing with each other, give the spouses 3 cast-iron pans, then the family can expect replenishment;
  • it is impossible to allow strangers to be on the holiday, as they can "steal" family happiness, even if they sincerely do not want it;
  • in front of the front door of the house on the anniversary day, you need to put a cast iron into which incoming guests must throw coins. This money then needs to be wrapped in a bag and hidden in a secluded place. They will be a talisman that attracts financial well-being to the house.

On the festive table there must be a meat pie, which must be cooked in a cast-iron dish with thick walls. According to tradition, this dish should be eaten in the very first place. It is believed that the faster the bottom of the dishes opens, the happier the family life of the heroes of the occasion will be.

Another mandatory attribute at a cast-iron wedding is a heavy large barn lock, which one of the guests should present. If the spouses close this lock, then together with it they will “close” their family happiness and will not miss it. The lock, like coins, needs to be hidden in a secluded place, away from prying eyes.

6th Anniversary Castle

gifts for a cast-iron anniversary can also be symbolic. Friends can present a beautiful cast-iron fireplace to a married couple if the family lives in their own home. Such a gift will last a long time and allow the family to spend many pleasant evenings at home.

Decorative things can also be good presents, for example: a grate or a damper for a fireplace, forged fences for a front garden or garden, lamps of an interesting shape for a yard near the house.

Spouses are actively involved in sports and monitor their he alth? In this case, cast iron dumbbells will be a wonderful anniversary gift. For the wife - it's easier, and for the husband, you can not only dumbbells, but also a heavier weight.

Every home will need kitchen utensils, for example: cast iron pots for baking, pans or pots, oven molds.

To make such gifts not look ordinary, you can fill them with lollipops and pack them beautifully. Thus, remind the couple that family life is not only work, but also joy

If a married couple likes to relax in nature, have picnics, then as a gift you can give them a folding barbecue or original barbecue skewers. Such a thing will last a very long time, and the spouses will remember the donors many more times.

Foldable cast iron brazier

You can find out more about what to give spouses for a cast-iron anniversary here. A husband can give his wife cast iron dishes for their holiday if she likes such gifts or she has long wanted such dishes. You can also order elegant cast iron earrings or a bracelet for her. To complement such a gift, of course, you need a bouquet of fresh flowers and warm words about your love.

You can find out more about cast iron anniversary gifts for your wife here. For a man on his 6th anniversary, you can pick up gifts such as:

  • paperweight if he runs a business;
  • ashtray for smoking husband;
  • dumbbells or kettlebell;
  • cast iron pot for the avid fisherman.

Whatever the gift, significant or just symbolic, it is important to give it, sincerely wishing happiness, strong love, mutual respect and long life together.

You can find out more about cast iron anniversary gifts for your husband here.

Statuses for the cast-iron wedding anniversary

Almost all people have long been registered in various social networks and are used to sharing their joys or important events with their friends. And the cast-iron wedding anniversary is no exception.

Examples of statuses about a cast-iron wedding that can be posted on a page on a social network:

  • " A cast-iron wedding is no joke to you! We grew up by the age of six!”
  • " A cast-iron wedding is not a symbol of a heavy burden, but of strong protection from any trouble" ;
  • “Six years of marriage – celebrating a sugar wedding! And I love everything sweet!”
  • “They say that after 6 years, marriages are cast iron. In fact, they have become even stronger, more precious than any gold and more beautiful than all diamonds.”

How to celebrate your 6th wedding anniversary?

At the very beginning of planning a cast-iron wedding, it is important to carefully consider the guest list.

You should only invite relatives with whom you have really good relations. Such people who will be sincerely happy for their spouses and wish them happiness

You also need to come up with an interesting scenario for a cast-iron wedding with fun contests so that guests do not get bored.

Traditionally, the cast-iron anniversary is celebrated noisily and cheerfully. But if the spouses do not want this, then they can spend a wonderful evening alone with each other, remember all the happiest moments in their life together and say the main words to each other again.

If you decide to make a party, then guests should send an invitation to celebrate 6 years of married life in advance, at least 2 weeks before the expected date, so that they plan their time.You can call for a celebration by phone or in person, but it is best to supplement a verbal invitation with a postcard, which will indicate the place, time of the holiday and dress code, if this is important.

The room where the celebration will take place needs to be decorated in accordance with the name of the anniversary. And the main attribute is to make a large cast-iron pot, which must be placed in the center of the table and decorated with flowers that the guests will bring. Also complement the decoration of the hall with beautiful ribbons and balloons floating under the ceiling.

At the entrance to the hall, you can hang or put a notepad for congratulations on the table. Let the guests leave memorable words and sincere congratulations that the spouses will keep for the rest of their lives.

If the number of guests is large, then it is advisable to invite a host, otherwise it will be difficult to cope on your own

A professional will do an excellent job of hosting a festive evening, entertain those present and give a festive mood. And the spouses will not need to worry about whether the guests like everything, and enjoy their holiday together with everyone.

At the end of the feast, you need to present the guests with a birthday cake. It should be the complete opposite of the traditional wedding cake, which is full of fluffiness and lots of whipped cream and fresh fruit. On the contrary, a cake for the 6th anniversary should be shaped like a cast iron and topped with black or dark brown fondant.

6th Wedding Anniversary Cake

All the most interesting cast iron anniversary cake options are here.

If you don't want to hold a celebration in honor of six years of family life with a traditional feast, then there are a few more unusual options for how to spend your wedding anniversary:

  • Arrange a costume party. For example, in the ancient Greek style: dress in the clothes of that time and gather around the table and treat them to dishes from cast-iron utensils.
  • Go on a romantic trip to warmer climes, but only together.
  • Arrange a themed photo session, and then print the photos and place them in a festively decorated photo album.
  • Go on a quest together or with close friends, puzzle over different puzzles and have fun.

There are many options for celebrating the 6th anniversary. But no matter which one is chosen, the main thing is that the spouses really want this holiday and spend this day in a good mood, accepting congratulations from loved ones and showing attention to each other.

Cast iron wedding photo shoot ideas

Photos are a great way to capture the pleasant moments of life. And the wedding anniversary is a good occasion to arrange a festive photo session. You can participate in it only together or with your children.

Before starting a photo shoot in honor of the sixth wedding anniversary, you need to think not only about how the shooting will be framed, but also work out the main idea.You can make a photoshoot in the style of a romantic evening in a beautiful restaurant at a table with lit candles and fresh flowers, or come up with something else interesting.

A professional photographer can offer an idea from his experience, so it's worth consulting with him in advance

For a photo shoot, you can make a design in the form of a huge number indicating the number of years lived in an official marriage. The number 6 in this case can be made from balloons, natural or paper flowers. Make a composition of fruits, fallen autumn leaves, snow or gifts that were given to each other during this time.

If the photo session will be held with children, then the spouses can put on their wedding dresses - it will look very touching. And kids can use their fingers to show the number of years mom and dad have been together.

You can have a themed photo shoot for a cast-iron wedding. For example, decorate the room with pots of flowers or have a picnic in nature and cook food on a fire in a cast-iron pot.

Idea for a photo shoot for a 6th wedding anniversary

Stable relationships in the family, caring for each other and mutual love, responsibility, children - all this connects a husband and wife at the beginning of the sixth wedding anniversary. This is a wonderful date that will allow you to remember the happy moments from life again and once again understand that your loved one has become very dear and important, no matter what. A cast-iron wedding is a great occasion to revive a little faded feelings and romance in a relationship between two loving people.

You can learn more about traditions, signs and rituals in honor of the 6th wedding anniversary by watching the video: