The 15th wedding anniversary is called "crystal" , but the people simply call it "glass" . It is believed that the couple, who crossed the fifteen-year milestone of living together, tempered their bright feelings like glass. The anniversary is an anniversary, so it rarely goes without a noisy and rich feast, as well as unusual and interesting gifts, surprises.

What to give your spouse for 15 years of marriage? On this day, it is customary to give gifts made of crystal or glass.Such gifts represent purity and sincerity. The most important and pleasant gifts are gifts to each other. As a rule, a woman shows much more imagination and approaches the question of what to give her husband for a glass (or crystal) wedding anniversary more carefully. It can be something ordinary, but necessary, something unusual or creative - there are no rules, all people and families are individual.

Crystal swans, as a symbol of a glass wedding, as a gift to her husband

What to give my husband for a crystal wedding anniversary?

Giving gifts is always pleasant and exciting, so you should think about the choice in advance, so as not to choose not quite the right thing in the bustle. The main thing is that the present should be unusual, interesting, necessary and memorable. After all, this is what the beloved husband expects.

When choosing a gift, you should be guided by the tastes and preferences of a man

It's great if the presented souvenir is crystal or glass. But if the interests of the husband do not allow you to pick up this type of present, you can get by with something else, the main thing is that it be from the heart and soul.

For example, you can give:

  1. Chameleon mug with photos of husband, family or a memorable date. It is interesting and unusual in that after a hot drink is poured, a picture and an inscription begin to appear.
  2. For 15 years from the wedding, you can give your husband an expensive and high-quality perfume. After all, only a wife can know all the tastes and preferences of her man.
  3. If your husband is fond of photography or video shooting, present a new camera or accessories for it as a present. With the same success, you can give a mobile phone or laptop of the latest generation.
  4. For a man with "golden" hands, the best gift would be a new large set of tools or an imported drill.
  5. An original gift for my husband on the 15th glass (crystal) wedding anniversary will be a souvenir in the form of paired elements for her and for him. These can be name rings or unusual bracelets with names or a commemorative inscription.
  6. Beautiful t-shirts with a cool inscription - interesting and practical.
  7. A personalized bathrobe made of terry cloth is an equally interesting and necessary present. It will warm you on cold evenings, reminding you of the date.
  8. For a collector of various drinks, choose an originally designed bottle of expensively aged cognac. Place it in a stylish glass bag.

An unusual gift for a spouse on the 15th anniversary: bracelets for her and for him

After purchase, be sure to arrange a gift by wrapping it in a beautiful package or tying it with a ribbon.

Surprise husband for a glass wedding anniversary with his own hands

Wonderful, original gifts will be those that are made by hand. Such presents have always been appreciated, because they contain warmth and true expression of feelings. The more unusual the surprise, the more you will be able to surprise your spouse.

First, you can serve a festive breakfast, decorated in an unusual way: scrambled eggs in the shape of a heart, sandwiches of an interesting shape and others.

Breakfast for my husband at a crystal wedding

There are a lot of ideas for gifts for a husband for 15 years from the wedding day, the main thing is to choose the right one. For example, a DIY photo frame would look great on your husband's bedside table. It can be made from absolutely any materials.

DIY photo frame as an anniversary gift for husband

If you want to make a pleasant and tasty surprise for your husband on a glass wedding anniversary, bake a cake or unusual glazed gingerbread. You can decorate them with various inscriptions, beautiful drawings and even an image of a joint photo.

Wedding anniversary gift for husband: gingerbread with icing

You can give your husband a crystal wedding anniversary and a colorful and at the same time unusual pillow, which will not be difficult to make. A pillowcase for such a pillow can look like a collage of memorable and special family photos. The gift will undoubtedly be appreciated by your beloved spouse.

If you have an art education or you just know how to draw well, you can paint a beautiful portrait. So that the future owner of the gift does not know about the upcoming present, use a high-quality photograph. The painted portrait will be individual and unique in its execution.

You can complement the main gift by reading poetry, good words. It’s great if the spouse herself is their author

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of their life together, the loving spouses are fully aware of the great work that they have done throughout their life together, while managing to maintain love for each other.A gift given from the heart will only emphasize the feelings of trust, care, and understanding that come from you.