17 is a very difficult age. Teenagers themselves do not know what kind of gift they would like to receive for their birthday. At this time, their tastes are constantly changing, and it seems that a birthday present for a 17-year-old teenager is incredibly difficult to pick up.

In this article we will give some tips on what can please a birthday boy at 17.

Sport gadgets

Does the birthday boy lead an active lifestyle and does not sit still for a minute? Then the following gifts will delight him.

Rollers as a gift to a guy for 17 years

You can give him:

  1. Rollers, skate or snowboard. When choosing, consider the level of training: for beginners in the world of sports, simple models designed for beginner riders are suitable.
  2. Bicycle. At this age, teenagers dream of racing with the wind, conquering steep slopes and performing incredible stunts. City or mountain, BMX or fatbike - the choice is simply huge, and finding the perfect gift for a young athlete is easy.
  3. Hyroscooter or rollersurf. This is the dream of all teenagers, regardless of age.
  4. Gym membership. If the birthday boy wants to build muscle or adjust his figure, then such a gift will delight him and delight him.

This present is always welcome, because most 17-year-olds are passionate about sports and are ready to do it from morning to night.If a teenager is more interested in modern technology, then here is a list of what you can give for a birthday for 17 years so that the present makes a lasting impression.

Smartphone as a gift to a guy for 17 years

Electronic gadgets

Is the birthday boy well versed in high-tech innovations? Then you should pay attention to this category of gifts:

  1. Smartphone, iPhone or tablet of the latest model. Such a present will certainly please even the most demanding birthday man.
  2. Virtual reality glasses. No 17-year-old teenager will refuse such a gift.
  3. Action camera. With this gadget, a teenager will be able to take amazing pictures. Who knows, suddenly such a gift will awaken in him the talent of a photographer or cameraman?
  4. Game console. All representatives of the strong half of humanity are passionate about such games - the birthday boy will be simply happy with such a gift.
  5. Interactive robot or car on the remote control. Do not think that such a gift is good only for little boys - most adult men would love to receive such a present for their birthday.
  6. Power bank. This device will allow him to always stay connected and charge his mobile devices in any environment.

Teenagers spend a lot of time on the Internet, which is why gifts from this category will become really necessary for them.

Power bank as a birthday present for boyfriend

Stylish gifts

At the age of 17, teenagers try to find their own style in clothes and constantly experiment with appearance. They will certainly be pleased with the following presents:

  1. T-shirts or sweatshirts with unusual prints. The funnier the drawing, the better.
  2. Case for phone or tablet. Bright patterns, inscriptions, a photo of the birthday boy - it's easy to choose a stylish case.
  3. Brand shoes. Steels, Dr. Martens - all teenagers dream of such bright and stylish shoes.
  4. Stylish backpack or bag. At the age of 17, teenagers strive to stand out among friends, so such a gift will be relevant and timely.
  5. Purse. At this age, teenagers have their own money, which is so nice to put in a beautiful wallet.

The birthday boy is not interested in fashion, but is incredibly sociable? Then he will like gifts from the following category.

Purse as a gift for a boyfriend on his birthday

Impression gifts

Do you want to please and delight the birthday boy? Especially for you, we have selected some great gift ideas:

  1. Quest. A teenager will never turn down such a tempting vacation and the opportunity to have fun with friends.
  2. Paragliding or skydiving. Such a present should be given only if the birthday person is not afraid of heights.
  3. Paintball or laser tag. Active sports are a great present for a 17th birthday.
  4. Board games. Pick up a couple of games of chance - believe me, the birthday boy will spend many happy hours behind them.
  5. Tickets to the concert of your favorite band. A lot of impressions and vivid emotions are guaranteed for the birthday boy.

No money at all? It's okay: you can make a gift yourself, with minimal effort and time.

Paragliding as a birthday present for boyfriend

DIY gifts

Do you want to make a gift for your seventeenth birthday with your own hands? A homemade present can please more than a store bought one.

Birthday cake for boyfriend for 17 years

If you can't figure out what gift to give, try one of our ideas:

  1. Cake or pie. Bake something delicious for the hero of the occasion: all teenagers love sweets.
  2. Video clip. Collect the best photos of the birthday boy, add funny inscriptions and background music, mount in a special program. Done - enjoy the bright moments from the life of the hero of the occasion.
  3. Star projector. It is very simple to make it, and there will be no limit to delight.
  4. Decoupage photo frame. Such a present is always appropriate and will make a good impression.
  5. A box of sweets. Take a simple cardboard box, decorate it with decorative elements and fill it with chocolates, lollipops and cookies. This is a great gift to help cheer you up.

There are many gift ideas for a 17 year old. Most importantly, the gift should be what you would like to receive yourself. Sometimes even an inexpensive accessory will please more than a trendy gadget bought at the last minute.